Best CEBA Course in Banglore

The best among PU colleges in Bangalore beckon you

Entering a PU or Pre-University college means now you have the opportunity to study your choice of subjects, unlike at school, where the subjects and topics are pre-decided for each class/standard. So now, you must choose the perfect stream in 1st PUC or Class 11 that matches your aptitude as well as temperament, as this decision of yours can prove to be a crucial factor for a bright future ahead. But as every student is blessed with their tendencies and talents, all you need to do is plumb the depths of your mind and decide.

If you are inclined towards commerce/accountancy, then opting for computer science along with commerce automatically paves the way for plentiful options for higher studies with promising career prospects. With the world turning digital today, the opportunities in commerce are barrierless, thanks to Internet-based e-commerce which took off with the arrival of the World Wide Web in the early 1990s. Electronic commerce has transformed the way the world is conducting business across countries and computer science/IT has rewritten the rules of accountancy. So whether your ultimate goal is accounting, business, economics or computer science, know that CEBA in PU college is one of the preferred options.

Needless to add that you can reap rich rewards by choosing one of the best PU colleges in Bangalore. And it's proven that when it comes to CEBA colleges in Bangalore, Tapasya is the best.

Course Overview

The four fundamental topics: Computer Science, Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy provide a fine foundation in the two years of PU college classes. This modern course imparts an incisive insight into how enterprises conduct their day-to-day affairs and how the accounts are recorded using computers. Additionally, economics is understood through a macroscopic view.

Furthermore, the students who choose CEBA in PU college years also gain information about business studies. With this knowledge obtained in two years, the successful scholar who has completed PU college can now look forward to several career-oriented courses. From B.COM and BBA at the university level to MBA, CA, CS or ICWA/CMA in the subsequent years, the career enthusiasts who begin their academic campaign through CEBA can hope for a rewarding future. Nevertheless, CEBA students must choose one of The Best PU Colleges in Bangalore for an ideal experience.

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    After PU college, an opportunity for Graduation + Professional courses under one roof at Tapasya


There is no denying that trade and commerce are one of the fundamental factors behind India's solid growth, but in unison, they also move the wheels of the entire planet. Now with IT/computer technology in business, not only makes transactions easier but also recording every aspect of an enterprise a breeze. In this idyllic setting, students interested in accountancy, economics or computer science can expect to benefit from CEBA when they are studying in one of The Best PU colleges in Bangalore.