Course Overview

The BS Computer Science course curriculum seeks to guarantee that students who complete the program not only understand the essential themes of computer science, but also have an equivalent understanding for humanities, management sciences, and human values. Students are also introduced to developing areas such as analytics, machine learning, cloud computing, and the internet of things to ensure that they are industry ready at the completion of four years of study.

The four-year BS Degree is an internationally recognised Degree Nomenclature, allowing Indian students to transfer credits and participate in twinning program at universities in the United States and Europe.


 Any 10+2 in CBSE / ISC / any State Board in Commerce, Science or Arts or Intermediate AP / TS with MPC, BiPC, MEC and CEC.Admission Criteria

Admission Criteria

  • The Candidates must meet the stipulated Eligibility Criteria
  • The Applicant must score at least 50% in the Selection Criteria
  • Aptitude Test & Personal Interview. Candidates with a valid score in JEE Mains,NEET,CLAT,TSEAMCET,MHCET,UGAT,or SAT are favored



1 Introduction to Information Technology
2 Principals of Problem solving using C
3 Introduction to Logic Theory
4 Mathematics -I
5 Business Economics
6 Communication Skills
7 Introduction to Information Technology Lab
8 Principals of Problem solving using C - Lab


1 Data Structure Using C
2 Operating Systems
3 Mathematical Foundation for Computer Science
4 Mathematics-II
5 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
6 Professional Skills
7 Data Structure Using C
8 operating Systems -Lab


1 Object Oriented Programming Through JAVA
2 Database Management System
3 Data Communication
4 Mathematical Foundation for Data Science
5 Principals of Marketing
6 Leadership and Management Skills
7 Object Oriented Programming Through JAVA - Lab
8 Database Management System- Lab


1 Python Praogramming
2 Web Technologies
3 Design and Analysis of Algorithm
4 Computer Networks
5 Human Resource Management
6 Universal Human Values
7 Python Praogramming -Lab
8 Web Technologies - Lab


1 Data Science using R Programming
2 Design Thinking for Innovation
3 Design Support System
4 Software Engineering
5 Compiler Design
6 Organizational Behaviour
7 Data Science using R Programming Lab
8 Compiler Design - Lab


1 Data Visualization
2 Object Oriented System Development and Design
3 Human Computer Interaction
4 Artificial Inteligence
5 Destributed Systems
6 Strategic Management
7 Data Visualization Lab
8 Object Oriented System Development and Design Lab


1 Big Data Analytics
2 Cyber Forensics
3 Data Warehousing and Data Mining
4 Computer science Electives: a) Software Project Management b) Information Retrieval System
5 Operations Research
6 Supply Chain Management
7 Big Data Analytics Lab
8 Data Warehousing and Data Mining Lab


1 Machine Learning
2 Software Testing
3 Computer Science Electives A) E- Business B) Ethics,Laws & IT Act
4 Research Methodology
5 Machine Learning
6 Project Work
7 Big Data Analytics Lab
8 Data Warehousing and Data Mining Lab

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