Course Overview

The Bachelor of Science (Economics) is a four-year undergraduate degree that combines the study of economics with inter-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary specialisations in business management, mathematics, statistics, and computer science.

Through some of the best economists in India, it seeks to develop some of the most brilliant young minds in our nation. Students are also encouraged to participate in research projects, creating a symbiotic environment for learning and discovery.

The goal of the BS in Economics is to produce highly qualified professionals with cross- and multi-disciplinary skills for applied economic analysis. The goal of the BS in Economics is to educate students to become better analysts and decision-makers in the fields of business, public policy, and development management.

Graduates with these kinds of skills and abilities are increasingly in demand from industrial companies, banks, government and semi-government organisations, and research institutions.


 Any 10+2 in CBSE / ISC / any State Board in Commerce, Science or Arts or Intermediate AP / TS with MPC, BiPC, MEC and CEC.Admission Criteria

Admission Criteria

  • The Candidates must meet the stipulated Eligibility Criteria
  • The Applicant must score at least 50% in the Selection Criteria
  • Aptitude Test & Personal Interview. Candidates with a valid score in JEE Mains,NEET,CLAT,TSEAMCET,MHCET,UGAT,or SAT are favored



1 Micro Economics
2 Macro Economics
3 Mathematical Economics
4 Introduction to management


1 Micro Economics
2 Macro Economics
3 Statistical Methods for Economics
4 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting


1 Econometrics
2 Economics of Environmement
3 Mathematical Economics
4 Principals of Marketing


1 Fundamentals of Businessa Economics
2 Econometrics
3 Money and Banking
4 Fundamentals of IT


1 International Economics
2 Development Economics
3 Public Finance
4 Indian Economy
5 Business Research Methods
6 E-Commerce


1 International Economics
2 Development Economics
3 Telangana Economy
4 Data Analytics
5 Organisational Behaviour and Development
6 Financial Institutions and Market


1 Game theory and Economic Analysis
2 Theory of Pricing and Distribution
3 Labour Economics
4 Health Economics
5 Strategic Management
6 Big Data Analytics for Business Analysts


1 Economics of Growth and Development
2 Economics Infrastructure
3 Economics of Natural Resources and Sustainability
4 International Organisations and Regional Cooperation in Trade
5 Consumer Behaviour
6 Data Analysis with R

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