Maths, Economics, Business studies, Accountancy (MEBA)

The Pre-University course MEBA or Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy at Tapasya is the stream to choose, if you want to study and research in Financial Accounting, Inventory Management, Marketing Trends, Sales Forecasting, and Financial Analysis.

One will grasp the aspects of financial analysis which involves maths, easily and have an easy faring in understanding Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Data Warehousing and similar concepts. With Mathematics adding value to your education in Economics, Business studies and Accountancy, you can find successful career options in the Finance world.

Course Overview

The Pre-University course MEBA is designed to arm you with the necessary knowledge of Mathematics including Elementary Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, Statistics and Probability.

At the end of two years you will master the essential basics of Economics, get insights into business functions and develop your aptitude for recording and managing financial transactions. Enrolling at Tapasya for MEBA will give you an education that translates into efficiency in your future career.

Why Should you Study Commerce courses at Tapasya?

  • A unique learning experience is possible because of innovative learning approaches, valuable industrial connections, and tight collaboration with the corporate sector.
  • A truly exceptional education. Learn and practice interpersonal skills with top-rated professors who are experts in their fields.
  • Continuous student engagement, such as practical projects and personality-building events like intercollegiate competitions and workshops, brings out the best in each student.
  • The pleasure of learning in the best universities for commerce is enhanced by the pleasant campus atmosphere and the best sports and leisure facilities.

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