Statistics, Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy (SEBA)

With a blend of Statistics, Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy, SEBA at Tapasya is the ideal Pre-University course for students looking forward to making a career in Business Analytics and Statistics.

An interest in Commerce, Statistical Analysis and Learning to operate data will give you access to jobs in the digital world of Big Data. From making predictions to displaying trends, Statistical Analysis is proving effective in seeking insights that are beneficial for businesses. Studying in this stream would make you a sought-after candidate in the world of Business.

Course Overview

Studying Statistics, Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy (SEBA) will equip you with a basic understanding of statistics and its relevance in commerce studies. At the end of two years, you will master the essentials of Accountancy, get insights into business functions, and develop your aptitude for statistical research.

You will also explore basic economics concepts and their role in modern businesses as well as world markets. Your Pre-University education at Tapasya will initiate the perfect trajectory for your progression into higher studies and well-paying jobs.

Why is Tapasya PU College the Best SEBA college in Bangalore?

  • Tapasya is the best PU Colleges in Bangalore that offers a pleasant campus environment and a friendly atmosphere to learn.
  • Students get ample industry exposure. They interact with a large number of corporate heads and are given immense opportunities to work on different methodologies.

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