Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT)

The Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) leads you to a promising career option after graduation. Scoring high in these series of exams will let you work as an IAS, IPS, IFS, or IRS.

It gives one the chance to partake in nation-building and make a qualitative difference in the lives of all citizens. If you believe in enhancing societal standards and bringing about positive social-change, start with the best coaching at Tapasya.

Course Overview

At Tapasya, you will be shaped towards confidently dealing with the examination. Keeping you updated every day and aware of the developments in the country, the faculty at Tapasya guide you in studying Indian Polity, Governance, General Science along with Current Affairs and General Knowledge.

Tapasya provides you with sufficient opportunities in developing a comprehensive insight into the concepts and practice of CSAT and ultimately mastering it.

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