Graduating from High School, pave the path to your career with the right choice in Pre-University. Specialise in subjects and concepts that will enable you with the necessary skills and knowledge for continuing higher education required for your profession.

Keen on pursuing a career in Business, Administration and Finance? Tapasya grants you three different streams that will facilitate your goals in the field of Commerce and Management.

Choose What Works For You

Students to make their career in the field of accounts, business, computer science, management etc select this option. It is comparatively easy when compared to science students.

Computer Science, Economics, Business Studies, and Accountancy. (CEBA)

CEBA, a 2-year Pre-University course that combines Computer Science, Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy to give students the competencies to handle digital data and operate softwares along with the knowledge of how business and economies operate.

This combination facilitates the freedom to study further and score a job in the eCommerce industry.

Statistics, Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy (SEBA)

A blend of Statistics, Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy, SEBA is a two-year Pre-University course that will give learners insights into the way statistical findings and data can be integrated with business decisions to improve profitability.

By learning to collect, analyse, and document data, students can emerge as key players for growth of businesses.

Maths, Economics, Business studies, Accountancy (MEBA)

A two-year Pre-University course in Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy or MEBA, gives students the advantage of mathematical understanding of concepts along with the knowledge of operations in the world of Finance.

Studying Commerce with Mathematics will give you a strong foundation in Financial Planning, Financial Forecasting, Budgeting along with Statistical Analysis and Data Mining.

The Tapasya Advantage

World-Class Infrastructure

Academic Excellence

Applied & Differentiated Learning

Diversity & Inclusivity

Strong Industry Connect

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