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While at school, the subjects are generally not chosen by you. However, right after you complete school through SSC/CBSE/ICSE route, you can experience freedom in the true sense. And yes, even the freedom to select your subjects is your prerogative. However, with freedom is responsibility attached, as your decision at this stage can prove to be the deciding factor for the rest of your life. So now you have to ask the following question to yourself and take the next step very wisely: which stream/subjects to choose in the intermediate/Junior College?

If you are inclined towards commerce, then CEC or Civics, Economics and Commerce stream is suited just right for you. With world becoming a global village today, the opportunities in commerce are now beyond boundaries and barriers, thanks to Internet based e-commerce which tookoff with the arrival of the World Wide Web in the early 1990s. Electronic commerce has transformed the way the world is conducting business across countries. So whether your ultimate goal is accounting, business, economics or political science, know that CEC in Intermediate is one of the popular options.

And last but not the least, it might be worthwhile to enroll in the best college for CEC in Hyderabad, which is none other than Tapasya Educational Institutions.

Course Overview

Civics, Economics and Commerce, the three primary topics, ensure a solid foundation in The two years of intermediate/Junior College. This popular course delivers a deep comprehensive understanding of how organisations function and how the accounts are maintained. Additionally, an insight into how economics plays a pivotal part in an organization and the country is gained. Furthermore, the students who choose CEC in Junior College years also gain information pertaining to social science through civics. With this knowledge gained in two years, the successful student who has completed Intermediate can now look forward to several career-oriented courses. From B.COM and BBA at the graduation level to MBA, CA, CS or ICWA in the later years, the scholars who start their journey through CEC can expect an honorable position in the future. However, again it needs to be stressed that to enroll in The best college CEC in Hyderabad is vital at this stage.

  • Best CEC College in Hyderabad

    Innovative learning methodologies that help in redefining your career objective

  • Best CEC College in Hyderabad

    Truly world-class education. Learn and develop inter-personal skills with top-rated faculty members who are experts in their chosen subjects

  • Best CEC College in Hyderabad

    Continuous student engagement through intensive theory and practical assignments as well as access to advanced tools and technology

  • Best CEC College in Hyderabad

    In tune with the times, both online and offline classes facility

  • Best CEC College in Hyderabad

    Pleasant campus ambience with finest of sports and recreational facilities add to the joy of learning in the top colleges for commerce

  • Best CEC College in Hyderabad

    After intermediate/Junior College, opportunity for Graduation + Professional courses under one roof at Tapasya


Undoubtedly, Commerce will help in India's phenomenal rise, as witnessed in the last few decades, and it continues to power growth. With the advent of the internet, now it makes transactions easier as buyers and sellers can access each other nationally and globally. In this scenario, a student interested in accounting, Commerce, economics or civics can expect to gain from CEC. However, it needs to be emphasized again that it has to be The best college CEC in Hyderabad – like Tapasya for better results.

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