Company Secretary (CS)

The Company Secretary (CS) is one of the most prestigious professions for a student interested in the Business and Finance sectors. Paying attention to supervising the financial records of companies, policies of corporates, tax returns, and legal aspects of business is the core focus of a CS.

With training in Corporate Affairs, Management, Communication, Ethics, Legal Aspects of Business and Accounting, a student has several career prospects waiting for them. From Corporate Governance & Secretarial Services and Corporate Laws Advisory & Representation Services to Financial Market Services and Management Services, nearly all sorts of corporates need the services of a Company Secretary.

So if you are convinced that CS is the profession of your dreams, then enrol in Tapasya Hyderabad immediately.

Course Overview

The CS course, regulated by the ICSI (Institute of Company Secretaries of India) at Tapasya is structured to help a student gain in-depth knowledge and theoretical expertise in Financial Records, Company Policies, Tax Returns, Business Economics, and Legal aspects of Business.

At Tapasya, enjoy the advantage of an education enhanced with personalised attention and most modern methodologies.

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