Cost Management Accountants (CMA)

From ascertaining processes to helping organisations save money to solving budgeting problems, Cost Management Accountants (CMA) play a pivotal role in a company's decision-making process. From PSUs/Government Sector, Banking and Finance to private companies, educational organisations, research and training institutes, CMAs provide the impetus in all economic activities.

After education, one can even be promoted to revered positions such as Chairman & Managing Director, Managing Director, Finance Director, Financial Controller, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Cost Controller, Marketing Manager and Chief Internal Auditor among others. To become a Cost Management Accountant, CMA course at Tapasya is the right choice.

Course Overview

Under the guidance of experienced faculty at Tapasya, you will learn Financial Planning, Cost Analytics and Strategic Finance Management along with training in General Business Awareness, refined professional communication skills and real-time exposure to analytical problems.

Tapasya is the right choice for you to equip yourself with an exceptional educational experience.

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