Once students clear their studies in class 12, it's time to face the world of competitiveness. In the race to be number one, everyone is trying to choose a career option that gives them exciting job opportunities. Keeping the same in mind, today, many students prefer Commerce as a career option. Before enrolling in the program, students must have a clear idea of the advantages that they can gain from the same.

A B.Com degree is designed to provide the students with enterprise-related managerial skills in disciplines. Also, students gain in-depth knowledge on core subjects like those of accounting, law, statistics, finance, marketing just to cite a few, by the end of the course.

We offer the advantages of a B.Com degree to you. Knowing the advantages of the degree will make all your uncertainties clear, and can certainly help you make the best decision.

Prepared for both corporate and entrepreneurial jobs a student with a B.Com degree is well qualified to establish himself as a corporate employee or as an entrepreneur. The student has detailed knowledge of adapting to the changes in the dynamic business world, can expand globally and has an in-depth understanding of the market-relevant aspects of the corporate world. On the other hand, if the student decides to start his / her own business he / she can run it efficiently and professionally without having to pay to consultants or professional accountants.

Promising career

After graduating a B.Com student can explore multiple career options. The quest for career prospects in the interdisciplinary trade domains can provide excellent job opportunities. Students should look to the following domains for career prospects:

  • Banking, Company Secretary, Chartered Accountancy, Economics, Cost Work and Accountancy, Stock Broking

What we have to offer:

At Tapasya a student can find a wide range of B.Com courses and can pick from any one of the following courses:

  • Generals
  • Computer Application
  • Foreign Trade
  • Tax Procedures
  • Advt. & Sales Management
  • Honors


Your immediate focus shifts after your 10 + 2 exams to choosing a professional course that can help realize your dream career. Although career options in engineering, medicine, commerce and science traditionally dominate the choice of students after their secondary education, management programs such as BBA, BMS, and BBS often introduce lucrative career prospects in the business and corporate management world at the undergraduate level.

Offering early opportunity for acquiring Professional skills:

Tapasya offers industries best BBA program that will help you quickly obtain management skills. This brings you closer to the management world just after your 12th class, and helps you understand the skill of making business decisions as a leader. It also helps you think more clearly about various aspects of running a company if you want to become an entrepreneur. This helps you develop tactical skills, and strategic thinking.

The Undergraduate Management programs give you at least three years of intensive learning about basic management theories. The subjects explored in the curriculum range from business economics, accounting principles, finance and marketing management business law, computer fundamentals, etc. Such classes under a BBA program help to develop a comprehensive management approach.

Moreover, the BBA program at Tapasya are industry-fit because companies are looking for BBA graduates at entry-level jobs for their mass-management vacancies. To them an MBA is overkill for the job they're offering. The roles that BBA graduate’s step into include Cost Estimator, Loss Prevention Manager Sales Manager, Security Officer and Operation Manager, Supply Chain Manager etc.

At Tapasya, BBA programs offer you the opportunity to enter the work environment early in your age, making you financially independent as well. So, pursuing an MBA in any other stream after graduating makes it more expensive than the BBA programmes.

Develops a management focused approach from the very beginning:

The BBA program helps you build a focused approach to management right from the very start of your career. Therefore you don't have to unlearn many things that you do otherwise when pursuing MBA from other streams after your graduation. Your ability to learn as a fresher is stronger, because you grasp everything very quickly.

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