A Fashion Design degree is a valuable addition to your resume if your ambition is to be a Fashion Designer, Fashion Coordinator, Costume Designer, Fashion Merchandiser, Textile Analyst, Product Manager, Fashion Store Manager, Fashion Consultant, or even a Fashion Influencer/Blogger. Apart from conceptualising and creating designs, this degree empowers you to research, analyse and critique fashion and fashion technologies.

This requires the ability to channel creativity with industrial discipline, communication skills and the professional capacity to research and develop fashion. At Tapasya, your creativity and skills will be nurtured for a remarkable career in Fashion Design.

Course Overview

The Fashion Design degree supplies the learner with knowledge of the process of production of fabrics, technology of developing textiles and principles of bringing together several artistic elements in fashion. From accessories to designer garments, student's learn the intricacies of rationalising and creating various fashion products.

Taught by a team of eminent faculty members armed with years of real-world experience, students gain from direct knowledge of the industry. From equipping one with industry-knowledge to innovative design and upgraded technology, mentors at Tapasya provide the foundation for success in the Fashion sector.

Why Study Fashion Design at Tapasya?

  • Learn all the aspects of the fashion industry.
  • Beneficial fashion industry connections
  • Experienced faculty members
  • Continuous student engagement and practical assignments
  • Placement and counselling for students

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