Building Bright Futures
Since Two Decades

Tapasya - Best Commerce College in South India with A Difference


Building Bright Futures
Since Two Decades

Tapasya - Best Commerce College in South India with A Difference


Building Bright Futures
Since Two Decades

Tapasya - Best Commerce College in South India with A Difference


Building Bright Futures
Since Two Decades

Tapasya - Best Commerce College in South India with A Difference


Tapasya College of Commerce Management

Setting You up For Success

From a single college initially to a network of 17+ modern campuses spread throughout the southern states of Telangana and Karnataka, today, Tapasya is a name to reckon with in the top commerce colleges in Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

Tapasya College of Commerce and Management is an exclusive school of commerce for future aspirants who see themselves as success milestones.








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Study options

Rise as a Leader with a World-Class Education.

Tapasya offers a wide span of advanced courses in Management and Commerce, aimed at enriching the mind and preparing you for a successful career, nationally and internationally.


Entering a PU or Pre-University college means now you have the opportunity to study your choice of subjects, unlike at school.

Rating: 4.3 (1104)


After completing Class 10, if you have set your thoughts rolling on taking the next rightest step, then choosing SEBA as part of your PUC.

Rating: 4.1 (1304)


At the time of entering the PUC, that is after completing your high school, it is worthwhile to seek answers for: what are you good at.

Rating: 4.2 (1104)


PCMB, encompassing Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology, constitutes essential disciplines for comprehending the natural world, elucidating life processes, and tackling intricate challenges across domains.

Rating: 4.2 (1104)


Proficiency in PCMC subjects is crucial for STEM careers such as engineering, science, mathematics, research, data analysis, and software development.

Rating: 4.2 (1104)


Accelerate your career opportunities in commerce with Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Degree. The under graduate course aims.

Rating: 4.6 (984)


Start your academic career With a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). This is the most popular professional degrees for students.

Rating: 4.6 (1164)


While choosing a professional path is all about what your interests are and where your aptitude lies in, howeve.

Rating: 4.3 (1064)


Every business aims to reach specific financial goals it has set for itself. That's where proper budgeting comes into the picture.

Rating: 4.6 (1314)


Modern times have transformed the corporate world with more and more companies taking the public issue route to finance their project.

Rating: 4.1 (1214)


One of the most lucrative careers, both in terms of job satisfaction and financial rewards, is doubtlessly law.

Rating: 4.1 (1214)

Are You Confused Which Course to Choose for Your Future

To start with the options suitable for you is based on the current qualification you are having.

The Tapasya Advantage

Redefining Education Since 2009

World-Class Infrastructure

The campuses are designed to cultivate an atmosphere of learning at technologically-sophisticated labs, state-of-the-now classrooms, recreational and residential facilities.

Academic Excellence

Successful placement of graduates in top global companies and the state ranks of our Intermediate students, are testimonies to our distinction and excellence.

Applied and Differentiated Learning

Practical application of theory, critical thinking and finding creative solutions to problems are the focus of our meticulously-devised curriculum.

Global Outlook

The goal of our institution is to impart students with effective skills and perspectives to adapt and engage with the ever-changing global Business and Management environment.

Our Excellence in Commerce Education

Our Achievements

Creating all-rounders through the perfect blend of academics and extracurricular activities

Junior Intermediate H. T.No. 2359129809
Junior Intermediate H. T.No. 2359118566
Junior Intermediate H. T.No. 2359118257
Senior Intermediate H. T.No. 2360227906
985/1000 - 493/500
Senior Intermediate H. T.No. 2360231256
985/1000 - 493/500
Senior Intermediate H. T.No. 2359222065
980/1000 - 495/500
Senior Intermediate H. T.No. 2361204123
975/1000 - 495/500
Senior Intermediate H. T.No. 2260200721
986/1000 - 494/500
Senior Intermediate H. T.No. 2159128712
493/500 - 981/1000
Senior Intermediate H. T.No. 2161119666
493/500 - 982/1000
Senior Intermediate H. T.No. 2161119026
493/500 - 976/1000
Senior Intermediate H. T.No. 2158140887
492/500 - 974/1000
Senior Intermediate H. T.No. 2160101278
492/500 - 986/1000
Senior Intermediate H. T.No. 2161108165
492/500 - 983/1000
Senior Intermediate H. T.No. 2158153179
492/500 - 981/1000
Senior Intermediate H. T.No. 2158143498
492/500 - 980/1000
Senior Intermediate H. T.No. 2161111758
491/500 - 985/1000
Words of Wisdom

What Our Students Say !

" I'm newly qualified chartered accountant in November 2020 examination. I have done my inter from Tapasya. Since 2014, my journey with Tapasya beyond my classes because the teachers have supported me always. "


Kirthi Bajaj

Chartered Accountant, Ernst & Young Hyderabad

" I had come to Tapasya Knowing nothing, I had taken MPC in my intermediate and eventually moved and thought I want to become a chartered accountant. So I came here, It's here where I learned everything. "


Hasneet Singh

Global Finance, Franklin Templetion Investments

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